You can find here all the benefits offered by Zonasur FTZ.

Commercial activities & storage

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It is possible to Import and Store in the Bahía Blanca – Cnel. Rosales FTZ without paying taxes levied on Imports of Goods, both for General Customs Territory (consumption) and for re-exporting to third countries.

Goods entering to the domestic market will pay duties and taxes for their nationalization. FTZ allows you to keep a stock of spare parts, supplies, intermediate goods, capital or late readily available, with tax burden according to your? needs, avoiding high financial costs.

In addition to this, goods that enter to the FTZ have no economical prohibitions (As non-automatic licenses, SIMI, etc.), and it is possible to transfer? their ownership inside the Operational Area, being the buyer? the ultimate importer. In this context, the user can perform among other things, product improvements, changes in packaging, quality control, label changes and improvement of packaging, display of goods (Showroom).

Zonasur is a Concessionaire and a Direct User at the same time, so as to offer storage activities. We have open spaces and warehouses with all services necessary for operations at a low cost. We are ready to give any kind of assistance for evaluation of your projects and can give an accurate estimate on a foreseeable logistics context.

Industrial activities

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Industrial activity in the Free Trade Zone offers the best conditions for exporting locally manufactured products under competitive conditions, in international markets, avoiding tax components bear the costs of production, obtaining financial benefits based on three fundamental aspects:

- Low initial investment, enabling the incorporation (import) of capital goods, technology equipment (including Used equipment), and all affected resources for production without paying duties and taxes, without limit of time.

- Reduction of Financial costs for production, incorporating national components, without payment taxes (VAT) and imported components without paying taxes levied on goods import.

-Lower operating variable costs: basic Free Trade Zone industrial services (like electricity, gas, water, communications) are unregulated and exempt from national tax.

- Production generated in Zona Franca, can only be destined for export, with one exception: production of capital goods that do not present any precedent of manufacturing in the country.

We are ready to give any kind of assistance for evaluation of your projects and can give an accurate estimate on a foreseeable logistics context.

Service activities

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Bahía Blanca Coronel Rosales FTZ offers the opportunity for businesses and professionals from different areas to settle as service suppliers?, within a specialized pole in all types of operations of External Trade and Industry: Insurance, Logistics, Transportation of Goods, Customs Brokers pole International markets advisory, financing export projects, Legal and all service supporting development of companies located in the FTZ

Please contact us. We are ready to assist you planning your venture.

Free Subzones

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Free Zone Bahía Blanca Cnel. Rosales is the first and only free zone of the country that grants the possibility of transferring the benefits of the free regime, as a Direct User to productive, Commercial or Storage enterprises outside an Operational Area. In this way (the most widespread in the Free Trade Zones of the USA and China), the privileges of being part of Zona Franca are enhanced by the development and concentration of operations in the facilities of the User or Port Terminal.

The ports, terminals and / or productive enterprises located in the Bahía Blanca estuary may enjoy the benefits of the status of Direct User in the terms arising from the Agreement concluded by the Free Zone Entity with that national, provincial, municipal or Whether it manages its management or controls its operation.

Within this framework, Zona Sur envisages the location of two subzones in the Bahía Blanca Port: an area of closed deposits articulated with the multipurpose pier reserved for large operators; And another open space area following Galvan's general loading dock for project loads.

The establishment of these subzones aims to develop the main logistics platform for services to companies related to the development and exploitation of hydrocarbons, particularly shale Oil & Gas, as well as project loads of large operators, supporting productive investments that will contribute to growth Free Zone and the region, whether in renewable energies, plant expansions, or new ventures.

These complementary spaces located in the port area will constitute us in the main logistic corridor consolidated for the traffic destined to supply of inputs and machinery to the actors involved in the hydrocarbon exploitation, as well as new actors with investments destined to the region, potentiating the whole port system Of the Bahía Blanca estuary and considering the possibilities of expansion that can be generated by the capture of new projects in strategic lands delimited in our Free Zone demarcation decree, in complement with Puerto Rosales and our current Operational Area 1.