Added value, distribution and infrastructure

In order to simplify the services associated with logistics, our Free trade Zone offers consolidation and deconsolidation, planning and order configuration, labeling, custom packaging, packaging and palletizing change, filming, quality control and delivery plan, as well as any service maintenance and improvement of the merchandise.
All those services, along with the financial benefits of lesser costs of imported material stock, offers Users with the best storage and distribution tool without time limit, at a similar cost to any regular warehouse.

Infrastructure and technology

The Bahía Blanca - Coronel Rosales Free Trade Zone provides, by itself or through third parties, the full range of services necessary for the development of activities of each user within a specialized pole in all kind of operations of International Trade and Industry. Preference access to Banking and Financial Services , International Freight door to door service , International Courier door to door service , Customs Brokers with experience in Free Zones operations , Insurance , Logistics, Transportation of Goods, International markets consultancy , exportation projects financing , Legal consultancy.
The Free Trade Zone also takes a strict and permanent control of stocks and provides surveillance and physical security around their premises 24/7, supported by Hi-tech security devices - Local and international Communications ( tax exempt ) - Networked Computer inventory control - Medical Emergency service and garbage collection.
Satisfaction of all your needs is guaranteed.

Tecnópolis del Sur

Tecnópolis del Sur´s main labs are located in the Operational Area 1 of the Bahía Blanca - Coronel Rosales Free Trade Zone. Tecnópolis del Sur is a Public- Private Cooperative Consortium created to establish the first science and technology park of Argentina in the area of ​​electronics: a unique environment with international qualified human resources, logistics, financial services and dedicated support, ideal for innovation and business opportunities for all technology companies with the aim of establishing an open area for incubation and economic development, for production of high complexity integrated electronic devices. This project is funded by the National Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MINCyT).